This blog thing is hard!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
This blog thing is hard for me in so many ways and I think, I know that God is using it to squeeze the orange. Let me clarify.

Someone once got my attention with this. He asked the question: What comes out when you squeeze an orange. The obvious answer is orange juice. He then went on to state that whatever is on the inside comes out when pressured or  squeezed 

...and I am being squeezed by this simple thing of starting a blog. What's on the inside, is coming out. And not all of it is sweet. But as the not-so-sweet juice is coming out, God is so gently dealing with it while guiding me to more freedom in Him. 

I think I will probably be sharing about this in the weeks to come. 

Any one else being squeezed by the situation you are in?



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